Day 1: June 4, 2020

David Novak: The Ethics of Medical Research

Jonathan Moreno: Genopolitics

Robert Klitzman: The Ethics Police?: The Future of Research Ethics Committees

Edward Dove: Research Ethics Governance of Health Research in Europe: Quo Vadis?

Karolyn White: Research Ethics in Australia: History, Comparison and Critique

Pawel Lukow: New Forms of Vulnerability of Research Participants


Day 2, June 5, 2020

Craig Konnoth: Social Advocacy in Medical Research

Susan Cox, Gloria Puurveen: Centring the Human Subject: Catalyzing Change in Ethics and Dementia Research

Walter Glannon: Ethical Issues in Neuroscience Research

Laurence Tancredi: Technology, Neuroscience, and Behavior Modification

Brian Mishara, David N. Weisstub: Justifying Constraints in Suicide Research

David Shapiro: Biomedical Ethics and Prediction of Terrorism

Lenore Walker: Ethical Biomedical Research with PTSD

Jeffrey Bishop: Sacrificing to the Posthuman Gods: Research Ethics in the Age of Technological Innovation

Jan Payne: The Ethics of Trust and Trustworthiness

Christian Hervé: Medical Research Ethics in France

Cameron Stewart, George Tomossy: Improving the Quality and Standard of Healthcare for Persons with Disabilities: Navigating Competing Interests in Medical Innovation

Malcolm Dando: An Aspirational Code of Conduct for Life Scientists: Debates at Meetings of the Biological Weapons Convention, 2002 - 2019


Day 3, June 6, 2020

Tomas Zima, Pavel Martasek: Gauges for Appropriate Allocation of Finances in Research

Zubin Master, Kirstin Matthews: Are Marketing Unproven Stem Cell Interventions Addressing Patients’ Unmet Needs or Adding to a Global Health Threat

Anne-Marie Duguet: The Place of Digital and Artificial Intelligence in Medical Research

Joanna Rozynska: How Risky Can Biomedical Research Be?

Ciara Staunton: Reciprocity, Solidarity and the Governance of Genomic Biobank Research in Africa


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